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 admin application ko king

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PostSubject: admin application ko king   Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:04 pm

1. Username On 317 Server And Forum -
mi in game name is ko king/ mi forum name is dennisddk
2. Age -
3. Why do you want to be a Administrator? -
cos i bin mod /admin/co on a lot servers
4. Whats your msn/facebook/yahoo so i can chat with you - is my email
5. Are you active? -
6. Have you ever helped anyone or going to help anyone? -
im gonna help all i can
7. Do you like SkaterScape -
8. Have you ever been a Administrator before? -
If so please state there names here -
yes i bin admin on stealthscape and casperscape and crazyscape and theoryscape
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admin application ko king
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